Software Development

Web Design & Development

Stack Cru Technologies provides you the facility to digitalize your business by developing such an online platform which can make everything accessible easily  all around the globe.

Mobile App Development

You can have better grip on your business via applications.Which can help you to reach out maximum people through Android and iOS applications,making it easy to offer your services at a single touch.

Customized Software

Stack Cru provides high quality software development services that match your specific needs, budget and timeline from simple customizations to full-cycle software development that matches your vision.


Stack Cru Technologies provides custom CRM and ERP software development services that are designed to help you increase efficiency and maximize your productivity via digitalization.

ECommerce Solutions

Stack Cru Technologies provides unparalleled ecommerce services to our clients with result-oriented solutions which are helping businesses outpace competition and deliver value to their customers.

SAAS Based Portals

Stack Cru Technologies’ SAAS based Portals offers variety of service model to meet your requirements. We create powerful applications fully ready to function in the SAAS distribution model.

Game Development

Game Development

We are experts at developing different type of 2D/3D games according to client’s needs and requirements.Our game Development services include game development across all the platform such as android, iOS, Facebook and Windows.


We provide top quality development services in AR & VR. We carefully consider the application’s design and the possible technology platform constraints. This is achieved by paying attention to Environmental and Interaction Design.

Multiplayer Game

Stack Cru Technologies develops multiplayer games for various genres that can be deployed for iOS, Android & Windows Mobile platforms bringing together many different skills and years of experience in various game development platforms and genres.

Video Animation

Logo Animation

Stack Cru Technologies creates awesome logos for you with our advanced logo animation skills.  We understand that an appealing logo animation is a key marketing weapon that can grab the mindshare of your target audience with ease. 

Whiteboard Videos

Stack Cru Technologies has experts that can make vivid whiteboard animation videos that conveys the message in a creative, simplified and interactive way for viewers to like and understand with advanced animation softwares and tools.

2D/3D Animations

Stack Cru Technologies offer authentic 2D & 3D animation services that will enhance your organizational brand, improve advertising and facilitate marketing campaigns through 2D & 3D modeling, explainer videos, animated characters, and animation story.


Stack Cru Technologies make quality commercials that will reflect your products and services. Since your success is our pleasure, we ensure that the explainer video for business we offer is enough to bond your business with your target audience.

Motion graphics

Motion graphics offer the perfect way of bringing explainer video animation to life.  Our knowledgeable and creative experts deliver stunning animation for business presentation that will take your business to the next level.


At Stack Cru, with our team of experienced artists, we’re committed to giving you professional voiceover services in multiple languages and accents. It’s what makes a video stand out from the rest in terms of attention-grabbing from the target audience.

SEO Services

Guest Posting Services

Outreach Force guest posting get your product mentioned on the leading outreach websites within your niche. We help organizations boost their online presence; get more traffic, leads, revenue, and client in the smallest possible time frame.

Blogger Outreach Services

Reaching out to every leading blogger in the industry is no easy feat. Therefore, we step in and find the necessary blogs, helps you expand the network, & grow your business. Our team also strives to get you the link that you want for your business.

Skyscraper Technique

We use proven skyscraper technique to promote your content & build its backlinks on the leading search engines.Our professionals look for the niche-specific articles, which are relevant to your target audience.

Emerging Fields

Machine Learning & AI

Stack Cru can help you with artificial intelligence to improve your business through machine learning and deep learning. Our AI team can consult you in finding the value of AI to provide competitive edge, drive business value and identify new business opportunities.

Blockchain Technique

At Stack Cru, Our programmers have been developing cutting-edge applications for businesses all around the world. We develop Blockchains for finance, content delivery, project management, healthcare. We help to build a well-organized, enterprise business models.

Internet Of Things

Stack Cru can  build an integrated ecosystem around your connected devices with our high-quality IoT applications. Real time monitoring, automated communication can speed up your business in an amazing way. We help you pick the technologies that match your requirements

Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Stack Cru Technologies manages all your social media channels including but not limited to Fb, Twitter, Instagram. Social media platforms are a fantastic place to build a following of people who are interested in your brand and what you have to offer.


At Stack Cru Technologies, Our in-depth knowledge, methodical strategy, and clever execution will make your brand a household name, or one that every business feels they need to do their job right. Your brand will become a force to be reckoned with.

Strategy & Consulting

At Stack Cru, we provide cutting-edge digital marketing solutions to clients worldwide. Whether you are looking to expand your target market or promote a new business, we are at your service with the best marketing strategies.

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