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About Project:

Waves Is An Online Web And Mobile Application That Creates Streamline Accessibility Between Students And In-School Support Resources When It Comes To
Academic Assistance And Convivial-Emotional Wellness.

The Students Of University Have Versatile Problems Related To Studies, Harassment, Social Torture That They Are Not Being Able To Share With Anyone Including Their Family. In Order To Do So, The System Should Provide A Platform Where The Students Can Share Their Problems In A Healthy Environment With Or Without Mentioning Their Name. By Using This Application Multiple Institutes And Their Student Can Sign Up And Have Their Own Waves.


The Problems That Were Identified While Implementation Of This System

  1. Secure Connection Between Database And Store.
  2. No Data Breach.
  3. Minimize The Crash Rate.
  4. Enhance The Response Working.
  5. Integrate The HIPAA Compliance Standards With The System.
  6. Schedule The Classes Without Repetition Of Data.

Challenge 1:

While Applying This System, We Had To Implement The HIPAA Compliance Rules And Regulations In Order To Achieve A Secure Connection Between Database And The Store. There Should Be No Data Breach Between The Waves, Only Responder And Student Have The Access To Communicate Each Other On Schedule Time.


We Had To Encrypt The Data That There Should Be No Breach Between The Waves. The Communication Between The Responder And Student Was Made Secure By Encryption Technique. In Order To Apply The Secure Connection, We Had To Integrate The Standards Of HIPAA Compliance With The System.

Challenge 2:

The Other Main Problem Of This System Was To Implement The Schedule Of Session Because Each Session Is Schedule According To Weekly
Basis And We Have To Check That There Should Be No Overlapping Between The Sessions, If
There Is One Session In Progress Then No Other Session Should Be Schedule On That Timing.


We Have Write A Custom Algo In Coding Which
Was Only Used To Store Repetitive Session Once Without Duplication Of Data. We Only Have To Schedule The Session Data Once And Schedule It On Weekly Basis

Challenge 3:

Previously, There Were Many Crashes Reported Of The System And We Had To Minimize These Crashes. Also Enhance The Response Working.


We Had To Write The Optimize Code And Minimize The Crash Reports. In Order To Do So We Also Had To Swift The Working Of Waves Respond.


  • Provide A Secure Connection Between The Database And Store.
  • To Achieve HIPAA Compliance Rules And Regulations According To Standards.
  • No Repetition Of Sessions.
  • ┬áSessions Should Be Schedule On Time Weekly.
  • There Should Be No Repetition Of Session And Data.
  • There Should Be One Session Schedule At A Time, No Other
  • Session Should Be Overlapping At The Same Time.

Tools & Technologies:

  • Adobe XD.
  • Angular
  • React Native
  • PHP
  • JIRA
  • Microsoft Code
  • Web Storm

Results & Feedback:

Regardless Of Many Technical Challenges, We Had Achieved Our Goals And Received Positive Response From Client Side And Their Feedback Was Healthy Enough To Appreciate The Efforts And Hard Work Of Our Team To Boast Them On Working More Positive.

The Problem Is Students Who Have Scheduled Their Meeting With Responder Should Have A Secure Wave And The Environment Of Communication Should Be Very Understandable, Fast And Friendly.