Hire a global top 5% developer. Or make it a team.

Our developers and product teams are ready to jump on board and give your project the boost it needs to be delivered right on time.

Providing top 5% tech talent

Product Team

We have product teams ready to start developing new features from your backlog or to take over your development department completely. Choose the right team and take your product to the next level within weeks.

product teams, individual resources

Individual Resources

We have talented individual developers (and more) ready to join your team and supercharge your business. Tell us who you need and get the people who match your team.

roadmap setup, growth & technology advisory, startup consulting

Building startup MVPs

Our team will take your idea, break it down into pieces and put it back together into an MVP ready for market fit testing. We start from understanding your users, move on to creating a prototype to collect actionable feedback, and then develop an MVP tailored to your business validation needs.

user research, prototyping, design, development

Innovation consulting

Whether you’re rebuilding your product using newer technologies, scaling your startup or building an internal tool to digitize your corporate processes, we’ve got your back. We specialize in go-to-market and growth strategy, technology advisory and innovation roadmaps.

roadmap setup, growth & technology advisory, startup consulting

Find the best technology for your product

Having released over 40 products we have a set of technologies that we love to work with. Tell us about your product vision and goals and we will choose technologies that will help you achieve them.

Ruby On Rails

Thousands of plugins (gems)

Support of large community

Quick prototyping and deployment

React Native

Ready to reuse components

Cost effective mobile app development

Supports external plugins


High performance

Cross-platform apps

Long-term support from Google

Why Us?

Smart Contract
We have built over 40 projects so far

Corporate innovations, startups from scratch, features for grown businesses, prototypes, designs, consulting projects, roadmap setups, workshops, multiple industries, various geographies, different team setups. Our experience is broad and it helped us shape the processes, practices, and standards to meet on all of our projects.

worldwide (1)
Our Global offices are home for developers worldwide

We make sure that our teams work on exciting projects and have everything they need to perform at the pinnacle of their performance. We have offices worldwide that allow us to incorporate the best talent available in the market globally.

Our startup expertise stands on 3 pillars

We’ve worked for famous startups and big organizations, so we know the struggles entrepreneurs face every day from our own projects, and we build digital products for our clients on a regular basis. We’ve seen it all and we’ve learned a lot from it so you would have it the easy way.

We guide through the whole process

Having successfully created multiple startup projects we know what to do at every stage of the product life cycle. You don’t need any technical knowledge, you don’t need to understand the startup world, you don’t need to have your own people. Our team has all the skills needed to help you throughout the journey.

Development Technologies


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