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About Us

Stack Cru Technologies provides its clients with the innovative services in terms of web development, mobile applications  development, E-commerce along with web and mobile integration, video animation, graphics and designing services

Flexible Technologies

We believe that for the growth of a company, it is essential for it to be working on flexible technologies. As, the needs of the world are changing day by day and every new day provides us the experience of a new technology.

Strategy And Consulting

We live in a world where what worked yesterday won’t necessarily work tomorrow, or next year. That’s why we help you develop a business strategy that will also work the year after and help you navigate this Transformative Age.

Bulletproof Marketing

At Stack Cru, we provide cutting-edge digital marketing solutions to clients worldwide. Whether you are looking to expand your target market or promote a new business, we are at your service with the best marketing strategies.


We leverage upon the latest Cutting-Edge Technologies to empower our client’s digital innovation needs.

Stack Cru
Mobile & Web Development
Stack Cru Technologies build custom Web & Mobile Apps to empower your brand identity and bring customers and are focused on seamless performance.
Stack Cru
Game Development
Stack Cru is a game development & designing company with a group of professionals  to provide quality product output. Our services cut across different aspects of the industry and includes 2D, 3D, AR & VR.
Stack Cru
Video Animation
Stack Cru Technologies has brought in a new concept in the animation industry by providing unique ideas in motion graphics, 2D and 3D logo animation, whiteboard animation, commercials & more.
Stack Cru
Our strong SEO team have many years of experience and understand the inner working of Google’s complex algorithms.We provided top rank to many companies in different search engines.
We provide top quality development and designing services in Augmented & Virtual Reality. In executing our Augmented and Virtual  Project concepts, we make use of experts with in depth understanding of the major AR/VR  Game Development Components.
Stack Cru
Machine Learning & AI
Our partnerships with established software partners in the AI industry, as well as competencies in these commercial and open-source AI tools allow rapid setup and configuration of AI software products in our client’s environments.Our aim is to provide the best AI solutions to client
Blockchain Technology
At Stack Cru, Our programmers have been developing cutting-edge applications for businesses all around the world. We develop Blockchains for finance, content delivery, project management, healthcare. We help to build a well-organized, enterprise business models.
Stack Cru Technologies can assist you in developing an IoT project from the ground up, refining an already running app or incorporating your solution into existing infrastructure. With a great tech team, we understand all the specifics of the IoT concept.

Our products

Stack Cru
Stack Cru
Gold Spring

Just brilliant work. Seamless communication. Timely delivery. Having product and business knowledge too. I am very happy from the company and their deliverables too. Definitely will always love to work with them in future.

Masood Sons

Top four qualities of their team: sound technical capabilities, excellent project management, high responsiveness & willingness to go the extra mile.

Above the Waves

The team excels at general project management, Particularly meeting project timelines and understanding particular business needs of their clients.


Absolutely incredible! Such an amazing team. They have taken our idea and some of the information and designed an incredible easy to use app that looks sensational for its target market.

PC Fanatics

I really enjoyed working with them. I requested multiple changes and they were very responsive to accommodate all the changes and changed everything as requested. I recommend everyone to work with them for the best results.


Professionalism is an understatement for their team. Not only do they deliver pro-quality results on time and follows up diligently, but also communicates well. Very happy and satisfied with their services .

Raja Sahib

Exactly what I wanted. They guided me through the whole process with success and delivered a great product. Highly recommended if you are looking for reliable and agile development partner.


I would like to thank you very much for the great services your team has provided. I am really glad and satisfied with the end product. Loved the professionalism of the team.

Asure Tots

The development period was very smooth. Their team-practice agile development & having a build delivered every 2 weeks really helped us evolve our app.


Completed work as per requirements! Good communication, easy to work with! Got apps done and published to the store for both Android and iOS.

Stack Cru’s team of engineers are rock stars! Always willing to go the extra mile to help your business achieve great heights. It has been a pleasure working with them and highly recommends Stack Cru for their commitment, skills, clear communication, and passion for working with the companies.

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